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How Do You Know When Alcohol & Drugs Has Become A Problem?

Some people appear to become addicted almost immediately, while others may use for years without apparent consequences. The question is critical for individuals wondering about their own use -- and the families, friends and employers who care about them.

We know that certain clear characteristics mark the progression from first use to full-blown chemical dependency. Drug and alcohol professionals usually divide the process into four stages: experimentation, regular use, misuse and addiction/dependency. In the experimentation phase, people limit the use of a substance to five times or less in their lifetime. This is the stage where many of us, usually in our teens or 20s, may have tried a drug out of curiosity, media or peer pressure -- or just to find out what it does to us. It's sometimes been described like a first date. Some people we like, some we're indifferent to, and some rub us the wrong way from the beginning. Experimenters either forget about the drug or move into the next stage. [Continue...]

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  • Early Intervention Counseling
  • Methadone Maintenance Treatment
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse Treatment for Mothers
  • Support Groups for Patients & Family Members
  • Alcohol Abuse Treatment
  • 12-Step Support Groups
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